We offer Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Strategy Planning, and Email Marketing Planning in addition to our web site development services.

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Package #2 includes a Social Media plan. It is a known fact that people want to do business with people they trust. And, people trust people they know. So how do they get to know you? Through your conversations on Social Media platforms. We will make recommendations considering various social media tactics including some, or all, but not limited to; Blogs, Link Building, Bookmarking & Tagging, RSS Directories, Discussion Boards & Forums, Micro-blogging, Online Video, Photo sharing, Podcasting, Presentation Sharing, Document Sharing, Public Relations & Social Media Releases, Social Networks, Fan clubs, Groups & Applications, Widgets, Wiki, and Articles. Our recommendations will be provided to you in writing for you and your staff to implement.

Package #3 is an email marketing plan. Email is the most cost effective method of advertising your products and services. When it is done right, your message gets through and your business benefits. When it is done wrong, your messages end up in the spam bucket or worse, your reputation gets tarnished and people opt-out of your messages. It is best to do it right from the beginning so that you don't have to fix the problem afterwards. We can lay out a plan that identifies specific intervals for messages, levels of personalization, email template design, and landing page planning based on your industry and your audience. We will also provide you with a custom html template for ongoing email messaging.

Package #4 consists of Pay-Per-Click campaigns. There are many options when it comes to pay-per-click, but the most well-known of these are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. We can help you map out a strategy to implement your PPC campaign. From there, we will set up your campaign(s), working with you to develop strong ads and identify your PPC budget constraints. We will provide you with a written document outlining your PPC campaign, account logins and passwords, and the tools you need to keep on top of the campaign on an ongoing basis. We will also work with you, or your webmaster, to develop strong landing pages for your PPC ads.

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